The Liquidator

Jeff Schwarz has bought and sold his way up the food chain to become the owner of Direct Liquidation -- one of the biggest liquidation houses west of the Rockies. Flea market haggler, ...

Genre: Reality

Actor: Jeff Schwarz

Country: Canada

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - The Liquidator
"After walking into a potentially lucrative deal, Jeff is forced to pick up the gavel and host an auction if he's going to see any profit."
"Jeff falls in love with a monster statue made of motorcycle parts\u2026 but so does Biker Doug."
"Jeff decides to mess with his staff by surprising them with unannounced shipments. But when the merchandise arrives, it's Jeff who goes into overdrive to sell it off."
"Jeff strikes while the iron sizzles and starts flipping merchandise before taking possession."
"Jeff goes crazy when he comes out on the losing end in a pricey electronics deal."
"You have to have a thick skin if you want to work at Direct Liquidation."
"Jeff scoops up a shipment of furniture that might have been used to sell drugs."
"With a major shipment en route and no more room in the warehouse, Jeff must convince Jose to share his space with the enemy."
"Jeff places his bets on a series of storage lockers, even though he knows the odds are against a big jackpot."
"After buying a shipment of Asian noodles that are about to expire, Jeff is forced to admit that he's addicted to the deal."
"Jeff\u2019s son Nick convinces his dad to partner on a new t-shirt line, as intern Daniel takes on the management of a Pop-Up store. Jeff\u2019s expectations are impossibly high."
"As Jeff races against the clock to get top dollar for a warehouse full of dollar store junk, his \"frenemy\" Jose plots to get even for the piles of pallets Jeff snuck into his warehouse."
"Inspired by the kinky contents of a bailiff seized barn, Jeff decides to hold the mother of all auctions."
Season 2 - The Liquidator
"In the season two premiere, Jeff rolls the dice on the biggest gamble of his career-bidding tens of thousands of dollars, sight unseen, for a truckload of high-end electronics that has been damaged in a transportation mishap. He awaits delivery, his stomach in knots."
"Jeff takes delivery of a massive load of dubious merchandise-including pallets of foam Easter eggs and Halloween pumpkins-and his staff starts to worry. Meanwhile, a planned auction of high-end goods teeters on the brink of disaster."
"Jeff makes deals non-stop, wherever he is, all day and all night. That\u2019s why he\u2019s successful, but also the reason why he\u2019s such a stress case. He tries his best to decompress, but finally reaches a breaking point. Jeff reluctantly lets his family take him on a brief vacation, but that doesn\u2019t stop him from making deals and riding his staff."
"Jeff makes his living on a handshake every day-he\u2019s got to know whom to trust. When he\u2019s called in to negotiate for the goods in an Italian gelato caf\u00e9 that appears to be brewing something on the side, Jeff has to be careful not to get in over his head. Meanwhile, other deals for dodgy Chinese mattresses and wicker furniture demonstrate the extent-and limits-of Jeff\u2019s trust."
"There\u2019s a cardinal rule in the world of buy-and-sell: Never fall in love with your merchandise. But when Jeff finally decides to part with his beloved Motorcycle Monster statue, fellow-collector Rick appears to tempt him with even more novelty attractions. Sometimes even Jeff has to remember that money talks and love has a price."
"When a guy phones with a batch of tuxedos to sell, it sure helps if you know a guy who buys tuxedos. And, luckily, Jeff knows everybody. With his Rolodex spinning, expert middleman Jeff brings together a series of buyers and sellers, skimming off a bit of cream each time-without breaking a sweat."
"For The Liquidator, snap decisions and big gambles are part of the game. But sometimes \"slam-dunk\" deals can give Jeff more trouble than he bargained for."
"Jeff has a soft side for old acquaintances who find themselves down on their luck. When his long-time \"frenemy\" JosE faces the loss of his business, Jeff helps him find a way back into the game. But JosE would do well to remember: there's always a price to pay for a hand up from Jeff."
"After going on a buying-bender, Jeff pressures his staff to fit his impulse purchases into an already overcrowded warehouse. Jeff's buddy Wayne manages to talk him into buying some weird, wacky-and BIG-items. After that, the flood of merchandise just keeps flowing-bedding, toys, hoodies, BBQs."
"In the world of bottom-feeding liquidators, Jeff is a shark. But he often wonders if he could survive as an alpha predator in the uncharted waters of high-end merchandise. When some tempting deals cross his path, Jeff takes the plunge."
"Jeff's warehouse is famous for \"eye candy\"-unusual and often kitschy pieces that add spark to his displays. But, when he gets talked into buying a mangy stuffed polar bear, Jeff crosses the line from kitsch to crazy."
"Jeff's large network of staff and associates can yield big paydays, and sometimes even bigger heartaches. He learns a bitter lesson when his old \"pal\" steals a lucrative deal right out from under him. Meanwhile, much-loved employee Christine departs Direct Liquidation-but not before negotiating one last deal with Jeff."
"JMost men are little boys at heart-and they love their toys. When a local go-kart track goes out of business, Jeff's excitement gets the better of him. He decides to host an auction to sell the used karts-and impulsively promises the track owners a $20-grand guarantee against the proceeds."
Season 3 - The Liquidator
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25 Jul 2013
"When Jeff makes a deal for the world's ugliest jeans, he gets down to his skivvies to make it work. But will it be enough to keep this deal from biting him in the butt?"
"No description"
08 Aug 2013
"A face-off with Jeff's favourite frenemy, Jose kicks off a parade of regulars looking for a \"special\" deal. In a world where money talks, will Jeff choose friendship or cold, hard cash?"
15 Aug 2013
"Sparks fly when bailiff Sheldon orchestrates a bidding war that pits Jeff against his own his own warehouse. Will Jeff's risky plan to turn the tables put him back on top?"
22 Aug 2013
"Jeff will do anything to clinch a deal, even if it means squeezing into a suit and tie. But will nerves get the better of him when he walks into the boardroom?"
29 Aug 2013
"Jeff gets a smoking deal on a massive inventory of hydroponic equipment. But the ensuing sale brings in a whole new breed of customer."
05 Sep 2013
"Jeff likes to boast that he can sell anything. But will he be able to put his money where his mouth is when faced with a truckload of broken guitars...and a live goat?"
"Jeff pursues a store full of frozen meat. Then, a heated round with an art dealer gets Jeff riled up."
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17 Oct 2013
"Jeff smells money when he commits to a high stakes storage locker auction and a risky plan to sell off a down-and-out restaurant. Will his big gamble pay off - or leave him with an even bigger mess?"
21 Nov 2013
"A collector's warehouse full of mystery antiques tempts Jeff - but he'll have to drive all the way to California with the world's worst travel companion to get it. Will he return with a treasure? Or a headache?"
09 Jan 2014
"Jeff drops a bomb on his staff and buys four truckloads of television set props with nowhere to put the goods. Will they win the battle and pull off the biggest outdoor sale in Liquidator history?"
16 Jan 2014
"Jeff reaches the end of his rope as he tries to profit from an exhausting string of deals with Wayne. And a woodworking auction takes a shocking twist proving that liquidation isn't all quick flips and fast money."
23 Jan 2014
"Jeff scoops a deal from Wayne, gets spanked in a sex shop and tries to sell an aging accordion to his own Mother. Will his ruthless tactics cross the line or score big profits?"
20 Jan 2014
"Jeff banks a favour when he buys a load of cheap crafting supplies from Sheldon. But can he count on Sheldon to pay it forward when he needs it the most?"
06 Feb 2014
"Jeff gets taken for a ride when he falls hard for a vintage motorbike. When the deal hits the ditch, will he find a way to salvage his investment? Or will he crash and burn?"
13 Feb 2014
"Jeff wears down sellers by mercilessly trash-talking their merchandise. But his tune changes when he tries to convince buyers that industrial pressure gauges and cheap pink t-shirts are actually treasures. Can he spin his way to profit?"
20 Feb 2014
"Jeff gambles on a series of end-of-the-line deals in hopes of a big payday. But can he beat the clock and squeeze a profit out of a pile of off-season goods...and a mountain of dodgy tomato paste?"
27 Feb 2014
"Jeff dives headfirst into a controversial deal for fur coats and risks his reputation on a quirky Hollywood memorabilia auction. Can he turn a truckload of pelts and a lock of Elvis' hair into cold hard cash?"
06 Mar 2014
"Jeff and Daniel come face-to-face with some dubious characters when they hit the road in search of smokin' deals in the California desert. Will Jeff's old-school door-knocking approach prove profitable - or perilous?"