After spending several years in her young adult life in Minneapolis but with her brash Bronx Jewish upbringing in tow and with its associated sarcasm, artistically inclined Rhoda ...

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1974

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Rhoda
"Bored with her life, Rhoda's mother Ida decides to become a \"\"now\"\" woman and surprises Rhoda and Brenda by announcing she's launched a whole new career."
Season 2 - Rhoda
"Rhoda has one little problem with money; she doesn't have any, and it's forcing her window-dressing firm out of business."
Season 3 - Rhoda
"Rhoda Gerard flies to Las Vegas for another encounter with her amorous suitor, Johnny Venture."
Season 4 - Rhoda
"With food getting low, and tempers flying a valuable lesson is learned."
Season 5 - Rhoda
"Feeling trapped and confused when everybody tries to run her life for her, Brenda runs away."