Costume Quest - Season 1 Episode 2

Based on the smash video game series by Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Broken Age) and the world originally created by Tasha Sounart, Costume Quest is a funny and mysterious animated...

Episode: 2/6 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Costume Quest
"The kids search the town to find this year's must-have Halloween costume, until a lurking stranger takes a special interest in their very first costume quest."
"With everyone totally freaked by last night's eerie encounter, Everett leads the charge to find an adult to help solve their monster problem."
"When the kids sneak into Nougatown to unlock the secret powers of their magic costumes, Lucy and Reynold question their ability to become monster-brawling heroes."
"Determined to retrieve an important item, Wren leads the reluctant group underground into the spooky, secret headquarters of the Repugnians."
"When all four kids get caught in Norm's anti-monster booby trap, they must work as one to escape or pay \u201cThe Ultimate Price.\u201d"
"Norm reveals the Repugnians' evil plan to the kids. Everyone is eager to join in the fight except Reynold, who quickly grabs a bedsheet and disappears."